College Council

College Council is a participatory body that advises the President and president's cabinet on important issues, including providing vital input to the annual budget process. It strives to be representative of the entire campus community, with membership that includes faculty, staff, students and administrators, who engage their respective constituencies to provide opportunities to contribute to policy formation, resource allocation, and other significant issues and processes. Access the College Council Bylaws (pdf).

Council Leadership        
David Alvarez –  Chair
Carolina Forero – Co-Chair 

Classified Staff       
David Alvarez       
Monty Diaz       
Seth Taylor       
Polina Lopez-Velez       
Willie Williams

Exempt Staff       
Riley Sorenson       
Chisa O'Quinn       
Evan Franulovich

Carolina Forero       
Gregory Hinckley       
Jennifer Clark       
Vero Barrera-Kolb       
Edward Messerly

Fatimah Abdullahi       
Nina Lopez       
Helena Luong       
Samantha Fang       
Alex Akmatov       
Rio Takahashi

Ex Officio        
Bradley Lane, Ph.D., Interim President        
Chantae Recaster, Ph.D., Vice President of Instruction        
Kao LeZheo, Vice President of Student Services        
Jenni Branstad, Ph.D., Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness       
Johnny Woods Jr, Ph.D., Executive Director of Campus Operations       
Julie Larmore, Director of Business Office       
Katie Wallace, Director of Student Leadership       
Mikaila Harris, Director of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Community

College Council Minutes